January 2020

Unfortunately, this will be the last issue of Yarn Market News. I explain more in my editor’s letter, a snippet of which I’ve reproduced here:

I’ll get right to it: This is YMN’s last issue.

In truth, this development has slowly been coming, as advertising dollars have dwindled in the last few years.Without that money, we can no longer produce the magazine and make it free to the trade, something we have always done in order to make it as accessible as possible. Of course, I’m incredibly sad—I feel that the industry is in transition, and helping shops to be stronger, smarter, and more flexible is important. But I also am realistic.

* * *

Despite being an ending, it’s still a great issue of our magazine! Please click through to read articles about setting up customer rewards systems, changing to greener bag options, how to run a check-up on your business, and more.

Thank you to all our readers, writers, and advertisers, from the bottom of my heart. –Erin Slonaker, Editor in Chief.

Click on the image above to read the issue.