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Yarn Forward: To Dye For: As speckled yarns take the hand-dyeing world by storm, yarn companies continue to find new ways to innovate with color. By Christina Behnke
• Yarn Group
• Spinning & Weaving Group
• Ravelry
Smart Education • Class Act. Bringing in a guest instructor is good for business. Making sure the experience is a pleasant one for both teacher and students is even better. By Daryl Brower
• Smart Inventory • Diversify with Weaving. Stores that offer a wide selection of products do better overall. Consider adding weaving to your shop’s mix. By Jane Patrick
• Smart Merchandising • The Siren Song of Scarcity. Scarcity is a very powerful motivator. Thankfully for retailers, indie dyers and yarn companies of all sizes, knitters are not immune. In fact, we seek it out.  By Amy Singer
• Smart Legal • Leting Go. How to fire an employee without repurcussions. By Carol J. Sulcoski
• Retail Profile: Bella Filati, Southern Pines, North Carolina By Daryl Brower
Company Profile: Cascade. By Maryam Siddiqi
• The Masters: Sharon Brant, Rowan

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Internet Interactions. By Mary McGurn

Never Enough Needleworkers. How to make new needle artists in a busy world. By Leslie Petrovski



Our Yarn Forward actually inspired this confectionary cover. How could we resist the picture-perfect dyeing of Freia Fine Handpaints, whose color-shifting skeins remind us of lollipops? Photograph by Marcus Tullis

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