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Yarn Forward: Chain Gang: Part of chainettes' allure is the fabric they create: Stitches are perky yet soft, as if the edges have worn away. By Christina Behnke
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Smart Branding • Making a Name for Yourself. The pros and cons of registering your shop's name as a federal trademark. By Tom Speranza
• Smart Legal • Poster Child. Hanging an OSHA poster is not only the law. It also makes good business sense. By Jackie Pawlowski
• Smart Merchandising • To Kit or Not to Kit? They're the knitting equivalent of a cake mix: all the ingredients a knitter needs in one handy container. Should you consider creating a few of your own? By Carol Sulcoski
• Smart Online • Mission Control. So much social media, so little time. Maintaining your shop's online presence can be daunting. Lighten the load with aggregation tools. By Maya Mackowiak Elson
• Smart Retailing • Winding Up. Should you be winding yarn for your customers as a matter of course? By Holly Ruck
International Report: India. By Erin Slonaker
Company Profile: Skacel Collection by Daryl Brower
• Celebrity Profile: Laura Bryant of Prism Yarn


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Help Wanted: The three professionals you can't afford not to hire. By Daryl Brower

The Brave New World of Money: Is cash still king in our technology-driven world? By Leslie Petrovski The Truth About Knitting: It's Good for You! How Knitting Can Improve Your Mood and Mind. By Leslie Petrovski, with permission to print from the Craft Yarn Council.



In Australia at the turn of the 20th century, wool was the main source of the country's prosperity, hence the phrase "riding on the shee's back." Here's hoping that prosperity will translate to the yarn industry today. These sheep figurines are wrapped in Dale Garn's boucle, which is actually a blend of 91% alpaca, 7.5% wool and 1.5% nylon ( Photograph by Marcus Tullis.

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